Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation marks its significant jubilee. 5 years old Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva started leading this public organization taking into consideration numerous requests and desire of sports community. During all this period of her presidency at the Federation Mrs Aliyeva performs multilateral, purposeful and fruitful action to propagate and develop such a nice type of sports, enter gymnastics in everyday life of population.
Director of Heydar Aliyev Sports and Concert Palace, member of Executive Committee of the Federation Rafig Behbudov:
With full responsibility I can say the cell of the new staff of the Federation consists of people sharing the same view and clearly understanding the duties and objectives set. This staff has managed for very short time to achieve a big change in the work of the Federation. A quite new and sincere attitude was formed towards gymnastics, which for decades underwent indifference in the republic and considered a backward discipline of sports. Of course, in due time there were masters in Azerbaijan who were respected much in all-union and international sports contests. But it was exceptional. Even awards Valeri Belenkin won in 1992 Olympiad, inclusion of Adila Mammadova and Yana Saplina in the national rhythmic gymnastics team of USSR consisted of youth could not affect the general view.
MP, member of Executive Committee of the Federation Rauf Aliyev:
Indeed, everything had to be started from zero. In the beginning, we had not even common ideas on methods of holding trainings and contests. We were making all efforts, collecting experience and we gradually had positive results: bright little stars with daily growing mastery and confidence started appearing on the sports sky. Talented gymnast girls of Azerbaijan are well known now in world gymnastics circles. Today, we can say with full ground that Gymnastics Federation is the absolute leader having gained huge successes in Azerbaijan in field of holding competitions and trainings and at the same time popular organizational actions.  
MP Eyvaz Gurbanov said it would better for other federations in our republic such as football, basketball, swimming federations to learn experience of gymnasts, seriously deal with training of the high-level sportsmen, study of the very modern techs of organizing the huge international competitions.
Of course, it is nice to hear such praises. We also would like to mention successes gained are the result of hard, deliberate and constant work of the all staff of the Federation.
Vice-President of the Federation Altay Hasanov noted if there is not attention Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva pays to the littlest problems of the Federations, her high exigency to realization of every contest and event there would be no exactness, coordination and purposefulness in the activity of the Federation.
The Federation has really implemented a number of essential projects for short time and they were highly assessed in the country and outside. Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship should be mentioned first. For the first time in history of sports of Azerbaijan a contest of this level was held in Baku. Every participant country valued the contest as very exemplary.
On the eve of the Championship, managers of International Gymnastics Federation visited Baku. They were received by President of National Olympic Committee Ilham Aliyev. After getting comprehensive familiarization with the place of contests, training and rest circumstances of gymnasts they with pleasure signed the contract.
After 2 years Baku hosted the European championship that also was highly assessed by international sports circles. Besides, Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation held 3 world cup contests, several seminars for international coaches and referees and these actions also were much appreciated abroad.
Best fruit of hard trouble is fundamental improvement in sports and technical parameters. Think yourself, Azerbaijan that was 5 years ago in the end of the world rating list on rhythmic gymnastics is proud of now with 4 Olympic licenses of our gymnasts (one of them was won in training for 2004 Athens Olympiad, 3 entitle to attend the 2008 Olympiad), bronze medals of our gymnast girls won in team score in European and world championships, golden medal of European champion Aliya Garayeva. 
One of important facts is that over passed 5 years the Federation directed its action towards enlarging the geography of gymnastics in the country, and the result is evident – there are gymnastics sections in Ganca and Sumgait, young and talented gymnast girls are trained in Nakhchyvan, gymnast girls from Lankaran confidently perform their skills.
Number of parents taking their girls to gyms is getting increased. In short, in future we will not have problem in training of national gymnastics personnel…
Vafa Huseynova was a shy and thin girl when she appeared first time on the gymnastics carpet, and today, coach of Russian national team, advisor of our gymnast girls Irina Viner says about Vafa, the absolute leader of group team of Azerbaijan: ‘She is real talent’.
There are nice views on 16-year-old Zeynab Javadly, member of the main staff of national team of our country. She has achieved high results in several contests. Her biggest success was bronze medal she recently won in world championship in Greece.
Beijing Olympiad is coming up. Azerbaijan will be represented in those competitions for the first time with full program on rhythmic gymnastics – our 2 sportsmen in personal primacy and group team will compete. But other directions of the Federation’s action will not be forgotten on the eve of the Olympiad.
According to the Federation, a huge success Azerbaijan has gained in field of rhythmic gymnastics is just the first phase in the way towards its international popularity. For the moment the major objective is to improve the quality of our positions in field of sports gymnastics and all forces have been mobilized to solve this issue: talks are underway to hold a casting among long-term youth, holding joint trainings with world-leading gymnastics centers, participation of our gymnasts in influential contests. 
Repair of the gymnastics school in the capital of the republic is over, design estimates on construction of the Gymnastics Palace are continued. It will provide maximum conditions to implement multilateral training process, latest equipment will be installed, valuable medical-restoration center, high-qualified coach staff will be assured.
In a word, it can decisively be said under leadership of Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation will willingly and purposefully be operating in next 5 years too and this selfless labor will have valuable fruits.


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