Azerbaijan’s outstanding scientist, pedagogue, public figure, academician of the Natural Academy of Sciences, a State prize laureate, Physics-mathematic Sciences Doctor, professor Arif Mirjalal oglu Pashayev was born on February 15th, 1934 in Baku.

Arif Pashayev, having graduated from the Odessa Electrotechnical Communication Institute on the specialization of radio physics in 1957, started his scientific activity at ANAS Physics Institute in 1959. Since then, he has created and produced appliances for contactless measurement of electro-physical parameters at semi-conductors, control settings over mechanical engineering tools, micro-diminutive exact blocks. These appliances are successfully utilized in a number of scientific centres, shipbuilding, machinery, military industry and other production fields in the world. A number of his scientific achievements have been awarded gold, silver medals and diplomas at international competitions and exhibitions, and applied in a number of industrial enterprises.

This outstanding scientist was a post graduate student at "GIREDMET" Institute in Moscow between 1960 and 1964. In 1966, having defended his candidacy work on the theme of "Exploitation of asocial methods and appliances of contactless measuring of semi-conductors' parameters at high and ultra-high frequencies", Mr. Pashayev received the degree of a candidate of Technical Sciences.

Continuing his scientific researches, in 1978 Mr. Arif Pashayev successfully defended his doctoral thesis on the theme of "Physical grounds, development principles and application perspectives of non-destructive methods in semi-conductors" and received the degree of Physics-mathematical Sciences Doctor.

Being an academician of International Transport, International Engineering, International Electrical energy, International Sciences, International Information Academies, Arif Pashayev’s major direction of scientific researches is physics and technique of semi-conductors. He has established the physical basis of harmless researches of materials at high and ultra-high frequency diapasons. The academician has worked on the development of scientific bases of contactless control over semi-conductors, studies of new directions and their applications for more than 40 years.

Academician A. Pashayev is the author of up to 300 scientific works, more than 15 books and monographs. He has received authorship certificates and industrial samples for more than 30 inventions, was awarded gold, silver medals and diplomas. Besides, Arif Pashayev was awarded the State Prize of the Republic of Azerbaijan, medal of "USSR Inventor" for his great achievements in physics, a medal named after Academician Y. Mammadaliyev and a gold medal of the English International Biography Centre. He was a winner of the international project "Famous scientists of Azerbaijan" with the decree of "VEKTOR" - International Science Centre Prize Commission, and was awarded the international diploma "Famous scientist of XXI century".

Academician Arif Pashayev, who has valuable services in the development of science and education in Azerbaijan, was awarded another superior prize of our Homeland - "Order of Fame".

In addition, A. Pashayev is a member of the Experts Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan Supreme Attestation Commission, Territorial Council at the Tbilisi Technical University, Chair of the Scientific Council on Instrument-making at ANAS, Co-chair of the United Qualified Council within the Azerbaijan National Space Agency and the National Aviation Academy, member of the Coordination Council on Preparation of Aviation Specialists within the Interstates Aviation Committee.

A. Pashayev was the first to develop the scientific bases of contactless measuring of the electro-physical parameters of semi-conductors and created scientific appliances realizing these methods.

More than 10 post graduates and authors of thesis defended their Ph.D. theses under Academician Arif Pashayev’s direction. He was the advisor of two doctoral theses, official opponent on a number of doctoral theses defended in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Azerbaijan.

A. Pashayev led the "Physical methods of contactless measuring and physical control methods" laboratory of ANAS Physics Institute in 1971-1996. During these years, he has proved himself to be a great scientific organizer for many times; he took active part in defining the scientific directions of the Physics Institute. From 1996 up to present he has been the rector of the "Azerbaijan Airlines" State Concern’s National Aviation Academy. Under his leadership, education process, scientific-methodical works at the Academy have been organized at a very high level. Since he was appointed rector of the National Aviation Academy, new chairs and specializations such as "Economy and law", "Air transport production", "Qualification" have been opened within the institution.

Under his leadership, for the first time education was conducted in the Azerbaijani language at this University. A new academic school, modern sport complex, student hostel, hotel and other buildings have been built on the territory of the Academy.

The scientific activity of the academy is aimed at creating a system of automated control over the dosimeters' technical condition, pilotless vehicles, radio-controlled robots to search and neutralize landmines, etc. Under his direction, the National Aviation Academy was awarded the certificate of "Civil Aviation higher academic institution" by a decree of the Interstates Aviation Committee, and has been included in the list of higher academic institutions of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Regular reforms carried out for the development of a unique campus  at  the National Aviation Academy meeting world standards, personal control over development of education, creation of healthy scientific and pedagogic environment in the Academy, invitation of high-qualified experts to the university are the evidences of the outstanding scientific potential and organization capability of the scientist.

In addition to possessing high scientific-practical potential, academician A. Pashayev is a careful and kind advisor and assistant to every person, living with the feelings of citizenship and patriotism, spending lots of efforts and energy in the work he does, particularly in the development of aviation education in the republic that meets modern standards, paying much attention to the young generation, their education in the spirit of high patriotism and sincerity.

Being one of the scientists, who is moving forward in the first rank of  development and progress, academician A. Pashayev continues serving his people devotedly, striving in solution of vital issues in the life of our Republic.

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