Territory of Azerbaijan

It is the duty of every citizen to defend its state and territory from the enemies, and for this reason, everyone should know the geographic position and frontiers of its country.

The Republic of Azerbaijan is located in the east of the South Caucasus and on the west coast of the Caspian Sea. The total area of the country is 86,6 sq.km. It borders on Iran (765 km) and Turkey (15 km) to the south, Russia (390 km) to the north, Georgia (480 km) to the northwest and Armenia (1007 km) to the west, and shares water boundaries with Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Iran. The capital of the country is the City of Baku. Big islands: Pirallahy, Chilov, Khara-Zira, Boyuk-Zira. Big lakes: Sarysu, Aghgol, Aghzybirchala, Mehman, Boyukshor, Hajygabul. Big rivers: Kur, Araz, Alazan (Ganykh), Iori (Gabyrry), Samur, Terter.  

According to the Constitution , Azerbaijan is a democratic, legal, secular, and unitary republic (the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchyvan). The major source of the state power is the people.

Administrative-territorial division:

There is one autonomous republic – Nakhchyvan Autonomous Republic, 65 regions, 69 cities, 13 urban regions, 130 urban-type settlements and 4354 villages in the Republic of Azerbaijan.