The national flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan consists of three equal broad horizontal strips. The upper strip is blue, the middle is red and the lower is green. The blue strip designates the Turkic origin of the Azerbaijani people, the red color points out its intention to build a modern society and develop democracy, and the green strip reflects its relation to the Islam civilization. In the middle of the red strip on both sides of the flag there is a white crescent and an octagonal star.  


The national emblem of the Republic of Azerbaijan symbolizes the state independence of Azerbaijan. It reflects the image of an oriental shield on the arch formed by the oak branches and wheat-ears. The shield features an octagonal star in the background of the colors of the national flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the image of a fire in the centre of the star.


On May 27, 1992, the Parliament adopted Law “On the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan”. The Law approved the "March of Azerbaijan" created by prominent composer Uzeyir Hajybeyov and poet Ahmad Javad in 1919, as the national anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan.                                                         

Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan!
The heroic patriotic glorious land!
To die for you we are glad and we are ready!
If there is need to shed blood 
We are too ready!
With three color banner live happily!
Sacrifices too many done,
Every soldier to front has gone!
When your chest was field of battle!
Come back as a heroic son!
Let me see you flourish,
Let your enemies perish!
I love you, my dear land
Be mightier we do wish!
To safeguard your sacred land,
To hold high your honored flag,
All the youngsters are too glad!
Glorious land, glorious land!
Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan!